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Lash Services

Enhancing lashes could be achieved by using natural lashes lift and tint and also various lash extension treatments. Top enhancement is proud to offer all sort of lash treatments in a private and relaxing environment either you desire a permanent set of lashes to be maintained over time or you would need to have a temporary set of lashes, and also giving more glamorous look to your own natural lashes.
Like with everything, the lash industry has a huge range of terminology to get your head around. Let’s look at the most common eyelash treatments and what they involve.

Lash Lift & Tint / LVL

Exactly what it sounds like, the natural lashes are lifted and fixed with a perming solution, then tinted to darken them, resulting in a natural effect lasting 6 – 8 weeks. LVL is the Nouveau Lashes brand name for a lash lift & tint; it stands for Length, volume and lift.


Extensions are a Semi-permanent treatment, also called individual eyelash extensions. Most extensions are synthetic, made of polyester; they are sometimes referred to as synthetic mink. You can get natural mink extensions, harvested by brushing the animal; this looks and feels the most natural. A long lasting adhesive is used to attach the extensions. The different methods of attaching them are detailed below.

Classic Lash Extensions – One lash extension is applied to each natural lash or 1:1. This method does not add extra lashes, if you have 80 natural lashes, you will only have a max of 80 extensions applied.

Hybrid Lash Extensions – A combination of the classic method and volume method. Half of the natural lashes have 1:1 and the other half have fans of up to 8 extensions. This method can still look natural but adds additional fullness.

Volume/ Russian Volume Lash Extensions – Extensions are hand formed by the lash technician into fans of up to 8 extensions. Each fan is then attached onto a single natural lash. This method gives a fuller, fluffy look.

Mega Volume Lash Extensions – The same technique as Volume, but lighter extensions are used and the fans can have up to 15 extensions each. These are applied to a single natural lash and create a very dense, strip-lash style effect.

Which Eyelash Treatment Should You Pick?

The answer is whichever treatment you want to have! However, there are some guidelines to consider, which will help you choose one that will suit your face and lifestyle the best and protect the health of your natural lashes.

Whilst an LVL eyelash treatment needs little to no maintenance, extensions do require a little more care and attention. Therefore, people who work out and swim a lot, are exposed to high heat / steamy conditions, people who sleep on their front and those who like to wear a makeup regularly, will all find extensions won’t last quite as long as they do on others.

It’s always a good idea to consider the following before deciding on which eyelash treatment to opt for;

• What are my own eyelashes like? • What do I want them to look like? • Is it possible to achieve that, taking into consideration the points from above?

Finally, if you’re still not sure, we’ll happily offer our recommendations.