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We offer a range of treatments for nails from luxury manicure and pedicure to gel polish and acrylic on nails.

Nail care, the maintenance of the fingernails and toenails, is important for health as well as cosmetic reasons. Good nail care can prevent fungus infections of the nail, painful ingrown fingernails and toenails, and infections of the skin in the hands and feet.

A manicure is a beauty treatment which uses special tools, creams, waxes, paraffin and / or massage techniques to leave your nails and hands healthy and looking good.

A pedicure is a relaxing therapeutic treatment for your feet that removes dead skin, softens hard skin and shapes and treats your toenails.

A gel manicure is a service that uses a gel-based polish and requires a UV or LED light to cure the polish and lock it onto your nails; Gel polish is more durable than regular polish, And while regular polish can chip as quickly as two to three days. Keep in mind that gel nails treatments should be not be continuous and it is important to allow your own nails to improve.

Acrylic nails are nail enhancements made by combining a liquid acrylic product with a powdered acrylic product. The two products (known as a monomer and a polymer, respectively) together form a soft ball that can be fashioned into a nail shape. Once a nail technician applies this acrylic to a client’s nails, the material hardens and becomes much stronger. And then it can be buffed and filed to the customer’s liking.

Acrylic also can be combined with artificial nail extensions made of acrylic plastic, placed over your natural nails or if needed by adding nails tips on your own nail. This can be done to match the nail shape or to extend the nail length. They are perfect for people who want the look of long nails but have trouble growing out their own nails or have weak nails that break easily. Acrylic treatment help the nails stay chip-free for weeks.

Acrylic and gel nails are artificial nail enhancements done in place of natural nails. Gel nails tend to provide a glossier and natural look whereas acrylic is more sturdy and durable as compared to gel.

At top enhancement beauty nail bar in Gosforth, we provide luxury nail services by using beautiful designs and relaxing manicure and pedicure to make your treatment as pleasant as possible at our new location, Fawdon park road shopping centre.

Top Enhancement Beauty Nail Services include:

• Acrylic Full Set + Polish

• Acrylic Full Set + Gel Polish

• Acrylic Overlay on Natural Nails + Polish

• Acrylic Overlay on Natural Nails + Gel Polish

• Acrylic Full Set Ombre Colour

• Acrylic Full Set Infill

• Acrylic Repair Each Nail

• Acrylic Remove + Fresh Full Set + Polish

• Acrylic Remove + Fresh Full Set + Gel Polish

• Acrylic Remove + Gel Set

• Acrylic Remove

• Nail Art

• Luxury Manicure + Polish

• Luxury Manicure + Gel Polish

• Luxury Pedicure + Polish

• Luxury Pedicure + Gel Polish

• Kids Nail Polish

• Gel removes

Our therapist would be able to assist you to reach the best desirable results.